Soussou Productions is a wedding video company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

It was founded by Mark Soussou. His vision was to create breathtaking wedding films that people could cherish for years. He developed a unique cinematic style that is designed to make your wedding look like a polished movie.

A combination of voice overs (from vows and toasts), stunning poses, and cinematic moments from all your formal events, Soussou Productions films are designed to be exciting and emotional all while keeping you entertained!

Our pricing was designed to be affordable, yet deliver the highest in quality films. After spending more than a decade developing his wedding filming skills, Mark Soussou has now trained some talented professionals to become cinematographers that emulate his style and look. Mark Soussou still edits all of Soussou Productions films to ensure the final polishing is added.

Your wedding is unique and Soussou Productions wants to collaborate with you to make your wedding film stunning and capture memories that last a lifetime!