(Pronounced: Soo-Soo)

When they're not immersed in capturing or editing weddings, Emily and Mark both enjoy spending time outdoors: fishing, hiking, riding bikes, and downhill skiing.  They're proud parents of their new-born son (Roman) and two fur-babies (Apollo and Sookie)!

 (Emily and Mark's wedding day photo - courtesy of Johnna Brynn - Tampa, FL - 2014)

Emily is a professional photographer and videographer. She has experience in all genres of photography from wedding, event, portrait, and fashion, to architectural and commercial work.  Emily uses her camera as an extension of herself, in which she aims to always bring out the best in her subject.

Mark is a professional cinematographer and videographer.  He loves shooting and editing weddings, and the joy he brings to all the couples who want to re-live their special day through his videos!  Mark has  also worked on numerous movie sets (in almost every department) and has experience as a producer and head camera man for a successful fishing show.  He's filmed a variety of commercials and even shoots the occasional medical surgery video every now and then.